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Severe weather, 2011, has already been a very active year for insurance company claims departments.  Flooding all over America.  Currently there is major flooding in 8 US states.  Things seem to be getting worse in regards to flooding not better. Major levees look like than may not hold as the water continues to rise.

Flood Insurance Tampa - Most InsuranceThis is a current look of the Mississippi river in Missouri.  Millions of people are going to have their homes, personal property, and cars, and businesses destroyed from this flooding. Many will not be able to rebuild, because they didn’t have insurance to cover for this kind of loss.  You see flooding is not covered on any standard policy.  You need to have a separate policy called a flood policy which are very affordable.  It does not matter if your mortgage company tells you, you don’t need flood insurance, YOU DO NEED IT.  Everyone, I repeat, Everyone needs flood insurance.

Think you’ll wait till a big storm is coming your way before you purchase flood insurance, That will be TOO LATE.  In any area that there is no mandatory flood coverage there is a 30 waiting period before a flood insurance policy can be issued.  Request a Flood Quote today, for most people $250,000 worth of building coverage and $100,000 of contents coverage only cost about $350/day.

APTOPIX Mississippi River Flooding - Most InsuranceDon’t get caught underwater without proper insurance.  If you have questions about what classifies as a flood our team at Most is happy to help know the difference.  Give us a call at (813) 347-555 to request a Florida Flood Insurance Quote.

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