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At Most Insurance, we care about you and your family, and we are passionate about providing great insurance protection for your entire family, including your pets.

The cost of caring for your dog or cat when they are sick is skyrocketing. As access to better diagnostic tools grows, so does the cost to care for your pet. Veterinarians commonly use MRI, CAT Scans, and ultrasounds to help diagnose issues with your dog or cat. The average veterinary bill for a dog is $378, and a the average veterinary bill for a cat is $191. With the enhanced veterinarian care, our pets are living longer, so Pet Insurance is even more necessary. Treatment options once reserved only for humans are now available for pets and the cost ranges from $1,000-$5,000. This is where Pet Insurance comes in to help. Unlike many other pet health insurance programs this policy covers congenital and hereditary conditions, as well as chronic conditions like cancer treatments, surgery, prescription drugs, medical exams, MRIs and more. You choose between $50, $100, and $200 deductibles and 80%, 90%, or even 100% reimbursement for veterinarian fees.


Pet Insurance for Florida Residents

Our Pet Insurance is the perfect fit for you. We provide a straightforward, flat-rate reimbursement to you for all your veterinary fees. Pet Insurance helps you afford the best possible veterinary care, which helps ensure you have peace of mind for your pet’s health. With Pet Insurance, if your pet has an unexpected accident or illness, you will be reimbursed for what your vet charges minus your deductible, up to the policy limit.  It is that plain and simple.

And unlike other pet insurance products, you can quote and purchase your policy right here right now online.  But if you need any help, we are always there for you. So get your pet covered today by filling out the form below or by giving us a call at 813 739-8111.


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