We have been with Most Insurance for over 30 years

Been with Most Insurance for over 30 years. No other company can compete with the quality of service.

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Why Your Roof Is So Important

Florida Homeowners Insurance Services

You know that living in the lightning capital of the world, there will be plenty of storms you and your home will have to contend with. Knowing this, your choice of home insurance is a huge decision: it needs to be easy to work with, and it needs to cover you against all types of loss.

For example, let’s say a series of storms rolls through your area and knock down a nearby power line and some trees on your property. The structural damage to your house will need to be taken care of–that is a given.

But What About All Of Your Possessions Inside The House?

You will need to replace them too. And this is where some homeowners insurance takes short cuts. Instead of just giving you a check to replace your big screen TV, your couch and appliances…you may get a check for pre-set amounts determined back when you took out the homeowners insurance policy. This may not even cover half of what it’ll cost you to refurnish your house.

This is called a funding gap — and they happen all the time in home insurance. It’s the difference between what the insurance will pay for and what it will cost you to replace what you’ve lost.

That’s why it’s so important you get the right home insurance that protects you and your family when disaster strikes. The best news is that rock-solid protection doesn’t have to cost you any more than an inadequate policy would–you just need our experts on your side to help you put the pieces together.

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