I recommend to my customers to purchase

'' I recommend to my customers to purchase flood insurance even if they are not in a flood zone. It’s very affordable and will give you the peace of mind that you are covered just in case! ''

Nicolette VanPelt (Dwelling Fire, Personal Auto & Personal Flood Insurance)

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Is Flood Insurance Necessary?

Flood Insurance Company in Tampa, Florida

Floridians know a thing or two about water damage. If anything, the last few years have really brought home the fact that water is wonderful, but can also be devastating to your home. Storms, hurricanes, and the ocean can all put water in the places we need to keep dry.

You probably aren’t surprised to know that flooding is the #1 natural disaster in Florida. But did you know it’s also the most frequent disaster in every other state as well?

The lesson here is simple: even living in an area that doesn’t require flood insurance should NOT stop you from talking with an insurance agency about flood insurance. Everyone lives in a flood zone! You might just be in what we FEMA calls a “preferred-risk flood zone”, but more than 38% of all flood claims occur in preferred risk zones.

Flood Insurance FAQs

For those of us who live in the frequently flooded state of Florida, talking with a knowledgeable agent about flood protection is extremely important. Even a small standing pool of just inches of water on your floors can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and prized possessions.

With many flood claims now surpassing $30,000, according to the National Flood Insurance Program, now is a great time to consider adding flood insurance to your homeowners insurance policy. Added flood insurance protection can include:

  1. Replacement of major appliances
  2. Fixing plumbing and sewer issues
  3. Protection for your flooring, walls and structure
  4. Window replacement
  5. Cleaning up of debris

You will be surprised by how affordable a great flood insurance policy can be. Even as often as they are needed, flood policies remain one of the best deals available to safeguard your home. At the Most Insurance Agency, we are often able to write both your home insurance policy and flood insurance policy with the same insurance carrier, and then we are able to give you a discount on your homeowners insurance policy!

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If you live in Florida, call us at  813-347-5555 or 877-979-4854 or chat with one of our flood insurance experts at Most Insurance Agency to help you get your home protected at a great rate. At Most Insurance Agency, we work with the top Home Insurance Companies and Flood Insurance Companies to make sure you find total protection at the right price.  We are also often able to combine your home insurance and flood insurance with the same carrier to provide you a discount on your homeowners insurance.