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Commercial Insurance in Tampa, Florida

As commercial building owner of either office buildings or retail style facilities the property and insurance is a key ingredient, one to be taken very serious. Whether the owner looks at it from the fact that this major investment that needs to be protected from both a property exposure, as well as a liability risk, or considering it as a fix cost that effects rental costs and subsequently bottom line profits, insurance can be one of the largest factors in rental property profitability. Understanding that there is a need for the protection it is critical that the property owner has the correct coverage at the most effective price. In this, the Florida market, insurance isn’t as simple as it is in many other areas of the county. Florida has what would be considered as an elevated risk for the catastrophic exposures of windstorm, flood, sinkhole, and fraud, which complicates the insurance placement.

As we look at the “Lessor Risk” exposure, those buildings owned and held as rental property, one always focuses on the “Building Coverage”, and it is the coverage that everything centers around, but saying that there are many other components to the Lessor Risk, rental property program, that must be considered. Along with the building coverage and the premises “Liability Coverage”, the program needs the all important “Loss of Rents”, possible “Sign Coverage”, in some facilities coverage for “Fences” and “Landscaping”. The”Liability” coverage usually includes “Medical Expense” coverage, “Personal Injury”, “Defense Costs” and “Personal Injury” protection.

Flood coverage is another area that must be considered in every insurance program. It must be remembered that the vast majority of flood claims occur in low risk flood zones. A facility doesn’t need to be on or near the water to suffer a major flood loss.

Most Insurance has the capability and desire to help their clients navigate the insurance process. Helping to insure the correct amount and type of insurance is place with the appropriate carrier. We have the correct carrier for most all types of facilities, and the patience to work with the owner to see that they get the best value for their insurance costs. We believe one carrier, or one type of policy doesn’t fits every risk.

Let Most Insurance with over 40 years in the insurance business, and a great, experienced, commercial crew be part of your team to customize your insurance program and maximize your insurance dollar and positively effecting your bottom line.

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