evaluation of my insurance needs

They did an evaluation of my insurance needs and found carriers and coverage that offered value and savings.

C. R. Shipp, Tampa FL

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More than just Florida Business Insurance


Introduction to Business Insurance

Florida Business Insurance Services

Don’t let a lawsuit turn it into a nightmare. Just think, one claim from a disgruntled employee and you’ll be dreading work. Instead of focusing on making profits, you’ll be focused on the money you may owe, the legal costs and the potential repercussions to your business.

Business insurance can help. It’s designed to watch parts of the business that you don’t, and protect you in case there’s a problem. These areas include:

Commercial General Liability: This is your security protection against claims of errors and omissions, product liability claims, and employee liability claims. Depending on the type of business you run, your needed coverage will vary.

Business Income: If for some reason, your business goes offline, there’s more than just damage repair you need to worry about. What about all the income you’re losing? Business income insurance will help you create income even while your business is out of commission.

Worker’s Compensation: You already know Florida law requires workers compensation insurance if you have employees, but did you know it can be customized for your needs?

Business insurance is a cornerstone of successful businesses. By taking out some of the major risks of business, insurance can let your business remain your pride and joy even if things go wrong.