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They did an evaluation of my insurance needs and found carriers and coverage that offered value and savings.

C. R. Shipp, Tampa FL

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More than just Life Insurance


Life Insurance Truly is Love Insurance

Protect Your Family With A Life Policy

Most people who do not have life insurance assume it costs too much, but that is not the case at all. Even if you cannot afford a large life insurance policy, something is better than nothing! I am often asked the question, “Why should someone get life insurance?” The answer is simple. If you love someone, you should get life insurance.

How much does life insurance cost? The better question is can your family afford to not have life insurance? At Most Insurance, we are truly passionate about protecting families, and that begins with life insurance.

Life Insurance can seem like a pretty scary or morbid topic, but it isn’t. Until I got married I personally never thought about life insurance. Once I got married, I wanted to make sure that if I died my wife Jacqie would not have to worry about replacing my income or about selling our home. Now that we have adopted our son Hudson having life insurance is even more important to me. I purchased enough to pay off our home, and also to replace my income, so my wife wouldn’t have to worry about selling our home, and moving.

Most people think that a life insurance policy is too expensive or “not the best fit” for them. We’d love to help you see how this is simply not true. You would be surprised by how inexpensive life insurance policies are.

Protecting your family begins with having life insurance.

Life insurance truly is love insurance!

-Eric Most

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