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More than just Financial Planning


What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy and Do I Need One?

Most Insurance Cares About Your Financial Planning.

At Most Insurance we truly do care about you.  While we really like protecting your home, cars, and toys: like boats, motorcycles, and RV’s with various insurance products, we also want to help you with your financial planning.  Most Insurance has partnered with some great professionals to bring you numerous options for your in regards to financial planning.  Developing a plan for your financial future is oftentimes quite challenging.  Our partners use a four-step Financial Strategies process that helps take out the guesswork- leaving you with a complete strategy to help meet your personal and business goals.

Step 1 – Set and prioritize your goals.

This phase will cover many things some of them include:

  • Wealth Accumulation issues
  • Retirement needs
  • Survivor Benefits (for instance Life Insurance)
  • College Education funding
  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment strategies
  • Income Tax issues
  • Personal cash flow and budgeting
  • Estate Planning
  • Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Executive benefits
  • Business Continuation Strategies
  • Insuring you have proper protection (insurance products: ie. Umbrella Insurance, Adequate Liability Insurance)

Step 2 – Create your own action plan. 

After reviewing your situation and determining how it aligns with your future goals you will be presented with a summary that will help bring simplicity to many complex issues.  It is our goal to make sure you understand the what and why of a complete financial plan.

Step 3 – Implement your plan.

Once you have clearly evaluated your options, our financial team will help bring your plan to life.  You will receive personalized attention to help you implement a plan that meets your personal and business needs.

Step 4 – Monitor your Progress.

We know that your goals and situation will constantly change, and that is where our financial team will make sure they continually meet with you to discuss any changes, and evaluate the progress.


Are you concerned that you don’t have a real plan for your, or your families future, then either give Most Insurance a call at 813-347-555 and ask to speak to a member of our financial team. Or fill out our quick online contact request, and one of the members of the Most Insurance financial team will quickly get back in touch with you.


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