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Back To School With Most Insurance Tampa

Back to School Safety Tips Every Child Should Know

1. Always cross the street at crosswalks.
Because children are short, a car may not see them when speeding down the street. Always make sure your child knows to cross only at designated cross walks when the light or crossing guard directs them to. This way all traffic is yielded to them.

2. Obey the bus rules, especially the arm guard rules.
Go over the bus rules such as staying in your seat and using inside voices. Be sure to stress that no one should ever walk in front of a bus when the arm guard is down since the driver will not be able to see them and they risk being hit.

3. Remind them about strangers.
Not all strangers are bad, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Remind your child to never talk to strangers, and never accept a ride from a stranger EVER. Remind them that people may try to fool them into getting in the car, but that you will never authorize a stranger to come pick them up. Pick a code word you can use in the event that you send another person to come and get them.

4. Review important phone numbers.
If your child will be home alone be sure to go over important phone numbers for the police station, fire station, 911, non-emergency numbers, and numbers to a neighbor nearby who can help if there is a problem.

5. Remind them who they can trust.
Reassure them that there are people they can come talk to when scared. Parents of friends, teachers, school staff, a trusted neighbor, etc. are all helpful should a scary situation arise.

Give these tips a try and get back to school with safety in mind! You and your child will feel better prepared and ready to face a new year.

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