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Congrats to customer Dale M. in Lutz FL, for an initial savings of 10% on your Auto Insurance through Progressive Insurance, thanks to using Snapshot.

Dale, I know how feels like to save thanks to Progressive Insurance remember I was able to Save 30%.  You feel great, just think about what you will do with those extra dollars! Now Dale you can do even better than 10%, you just need to watch those hard stops, and don’t drive too much, especially late at night.  I’m pulling for you to a get the full 30% discount locked in for this, and all future renewals!  Keep me posted, I want to see you get the full 30%.

Snapshot Device by Progressive Insurance

How much have you saved? None, what you aren’t using Snapshot.  Well shame on you, we can get that fixed, call Most Insurance today at 813-347-5555 or send me an email at, and we will get you information on how to start saving on your car insurance.

Grace and Peace

Eric Most

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