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Another question we have been asked lately that I wanted to answer for you  is do teens have to have insurance to drive in Florida?

This question much like do I need to purchase extra rental car coverage are a tough one to answer, and my answer is it depends…

If a teen needs to have insurance to drive in Florida actually depends on the insurance carrier of the parent.  No matter which company the parents are insured with the teen needs to be listed on the policy. Most carriers will have you list the driver but not charge for them until the they have full license.  Some carriers do start charging as soon as they are permitted.  Most of the insurance carriers we, Most Insurance, represents only require your teen to be listed on the policy.

It is very important to make sure you do add your children on the policy, we do want to make sure they are covered, especially when they may just be learning to drive.

The other question I’m frequently asked about teen drivers is how much is it going to cost me, or how much is my insurance going to go up because of my teen driver?  And for the most part new drivers do poise a much higher cost of insurance for a family.  There are several things you can do to help reduce the cost.  If you need or want a quote we would be happy to help.

One that that can be done to help safe money on your teen driver is for them to have good grades.  This shows your teen is responsible, the other thing is for them to take drivers ed. I’ll keep posting other ways you can safe on your teen driver insurance.

As always if you have questions give the office a call at (813) 739-8111. You can check out our FAQs section too.

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