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We are asked all the time, does my homeowners insurance cover me for flood?

No, it does not. You need to have a separate policy for any flooding that might happen. Flooding is defined by all rising water. Water that comes down from the sky…that is not flooding. But if it causes a big puddle and seeps into your house, it is flooding.

Do you need a flood insurance policy?

Yes! There are floods that happen all the time all over the country. Now you are told by your mortgage broker that you’re not in a flood zone and you do not have to have flood insurance. Everybody in the country is in a flood zone.

You just might be in a preferred risk flood zone which means the cost is going to be significantly less. You’re less likely to have a claim, but 38% of all flood claims happen nationwide in a preferred risk flood zone.

It’s going to happen. You need that flood insurance policy to protect you from any rising water.

So talk to an independent agent they will be happy to help you with a Tampa Flood Insurance Policy.

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