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We are often asked, “I am not in a flood zone, so do I really need flood insurance?”

Here is the deal, everybody in the entire country is in a flood zone. You might just be in a preferred risk flood zone. A preferred flood zone means that your cost is really really really reduced. So, do you need a flood policy even if you’re in a preferred risk flood zone? Absolutely. Nationally, 38% of all flood claims happen in preferred risk flood zones. In Florida, that number is significantly higher.

You should get flood insurance even if you live in a zone that you’re not required to have flood insurance by your mortgage lender. For a $250,000 policy for your dwelling, the exterior of the house, and with $100,000 worth of contents, the cost is less than $400 a year. So get that flood insurance policy. You will be surprised by the number of claims that are made and then are not covered because of flooding.

Flooding is defined as all rising water. So it’s not going to happen when the rain is coming down, your covered. But when that water floods, when it breaks the river, breaks the levee, and comes in…you’re not gonna have coverage if that water has raised up and has flooded your house.

So go out there, get a Florida Flood Insurance Policy.

Hope this helps. Have a good one!

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