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Many people think we insurance agents get a discount on our insurance.  No matter how many times I try to tell people this is not case, no one ever believes me. So I’m going to pull the curtain back so to speak on my personal insurance woes!

Earlier this year my Home insurance was non-renewed by my carrier. The reason they gave me is they no longer want to insure homes that are a part of a Home Owners Association.  This caused my home insurance to nearly double when I had to find a new carrier, but this is just the start.  Let’s talk about my personal Auto Insurance.

So I have been insured with a great company for a couple of years now, one that we represent here in the office and when I received my renewal paperwork I was shocked to see a 61% rate increase.  I haven’t had any tickets or accidents affect my record. The rate increase was partly due to the fact that my annual auto insurance policy renewed last year right before a pretty large rate increase in my zip code. Then towards the end of last year the company took a second rate increase.  On top of all of these rate changes, they decided to take a different approach to how they use credit scoring and that increased my rate further.

So I did what anyone would do, I went and shopped my auto insurance.  The great thing about Most Insurance is we represent several top of the line Auto Insurance companies and this opened my options for me.

Progressive came back with the second best rate, but I decided to sign up for the Snapshot discount program.  Depending on how well, the time of day, and how far I drive, I can except to get up to a 30% discount on my auto insurance.

Now I’m not expecting to get the full 30% while that would be great, I factored in a 15% discount, and if I’m able to get that Progressive Insurance will give me the best rate.

Last night I got an email from Progressive telling me they have shipped out my snapshot device I’ll update you on how the install goes and how I’m doing.

Wish me luck, I hope to get the full 30% discount.


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I’m moving to Progressive Insurance!


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