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We just hired another Claims Advocate, Jennifer McKenzie. What does this one of a kind claims advocate do you may ask? Well in a nut shell, they are really there when you need us the most, the time of a claim.

Here is what one customer recently said about our claims advocates:
“Was very pleased with the entire process. Was overall the best experience I have had with an accident claim. Everything was very smooth and well organized.”

The response to Most Insurance Agencies, One of a kind position, a Claims Advocate, has been so overwhelming, that we needed to add another Claims Advocate, to truly help our clients when they need us the Most.  The Claims Advocates at Most Insurance, hold our clients hands through the claims process, the provide a road map of expectations, and follow up along the road to make sure those expectations are being meet and exceeded. Claims Advocates at the Most Insurance Agency have been a great benefit for our clients, as they help them when they need them the most.

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