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Tampa Auto Insurance - Not Safe Driving

Not Safe Driving

When it is time to finally let your kid drive you can be a nervous wreck. I know that Diana in our office is worried sick over her son who is about to drive. If you live in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, or almost anywhere in Florida there are good reasons to be concerned. Did you know that Tampa has been listed the deadliest Metro Area in America for teen drivers? Did you know that Orlando, and then Jacksonville are number 2 and 3? So I know that your inclination is to not let your child drive. But eventually they are going to have to drive. And if you don’t sit down and give them proper guidelines, and help teach them, they’ll learn from one of their friends, and let me tell you, you don’t want that.

Teens crash for many reasons, but the most common are overconfidence, speeding, impaired driving, distraction and inexperience. In addition, seat belt use among teens is the lowest of any age group on the road.

In the United States, teens (17 to 20 years of age) are involved in 15% of crashes, but in Florida they are involved in a shocking 22% of crashes! Recent statistics from the Florida Transportation Institute show that motor vehicle crashes are now the #1 killer of teens in America, and while crashes account for only 2% of all deaths nationwide, they account for a surprising 70% of teen injury deaths. Speed, distraction, fatigue and inexperience, coupled with a lack of seat belt use, are all prevalent factors in these fatal crashes.

Here at Most Insurance we suggest that a parent and teen sign a Parent Teen Driving Contract. This contract lays out what a teen has to do to be able to drive, and helps set some parameters, and the contract lays out what the parents will allow the teen do if they meet the criteria. You can get the parent teen driving contract on our research page.

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