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Many people wonder why their insurance company cares so much about their roof.

Here is the deal. The roof is what really holds the whole house together. So how it connects to the walls matters greatly. Insurance companies give a lot of credits if you have a wind mitigation form and an inspection done. They will also give you a lot of credits if you have clips and wraps over just having toe nails.

That’s how the roof is literally attached to your walls. Also, if you have bolts that are securing your roof all the way down to the foundation, that is going to be the best support because when the wind blows (we get hurricanes here in Florida) those bolts are going to help hold the roof on.

As long as the roof is held on, then your house is going to be held together. Also, insurance companies don’t like to see patches in your roof, they don’t like to see different colors, or your shingles starting to peel up because all those things are signs of lack of structural integrity.

I was down in Port Charlotte right after a couple of hurricanes hit a couple years back and I could tell the difference between a home that had clips over a home that had just toe nails. I could see the new building codes that had been established because those homes were left standing and their roofs were intact.. Other houses were absolutely destroyed because they did not have the newer code, wraps, clips, or bolts that help hold their house together.

So, if you are having to get your roof redone or building a new home, really consider investing and getting those add ons done: clips or wraps. It’s going to go a long way to help reduce your homeowners insurance cost.

Have a good one out there and be prepared for when that wind blows!

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