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Tuesday night when I got home I found waiting for me in my mailbox my Snapshot widget from Progressive Insurance.

I must say Progressive Insurance is slick with their packaging.

Progressive Insurance provided me with detailed yet easy to follow instructions on how to install the Snapshot widget in my 2007 Nissan Xterra. Plugging in the Snapshot widget was easy, and when I started my car, I heard the three beeps telling me it is installed and working properly.  So now I’m off, driving probably a little more carefully than I did before I plugged in my snapshot.

How am I doing you may ask, well here is my report, which is super easy to pull.  So far three days of tracking and Zero Hard breaks.  I’m very excited about that, I am driving during the preferred hours, and I’m keeping my Mileage down. I should be a perfect candidate for the full 30% discount!

So what about you? Are you willing to plug in one of these devices to see how good of a driver you are and see if you will qualify for the full 30% discount?  Often when clients call us here at Most Insurance they tell us how good of a driver they are, and even though insurance companies base their rates in a lot of statistical data, that data doesn’t reflect how good of a driver they are.

This is a way to prove it, lets see how good of a driver you are, and Progressive Insurance will provide you up to a 30% discount on your Auto insurance if you are as good of a driver as you think.

I’m sure this Snapshot device could cause some issues in some marriages.  Husbands thinking they are better drivers and wives thinking they are the better drivers.  Lets check it out, who is the better driver.  Call us Most Insurance at (813) 739-8111 and we will see if you are a good fit for the Snapshot widget from Progressive Insurance.

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