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1. In the case of your pet getting loose, be sure your pet has proper identification; a tag or a chip.

2. Take your dog for a walk early. Giving them a chance to potty and get some exercise before the festivities begin.

3. Keep fireworks away from pets. The noise may spook them or firework sparks could accidentally burn them.

4. As much as you love to bring your pet along, loud crowds and firework displaces are not fun for dogs. It may be best to leave them home.

5. Make sure when leaving your pet at home all the windows are securely closed and shades are down. It may help to turn on some music to help drown out fireworks noise.

6. Be sure your dog has his favorite toy and some treats to keep him occupied.

7. If your pet is prone to anxiety or your not sure how they will react to fireworks, consider staying home with them.

8. If your dog is extremely anxious you might consult your vet about giving a mild sedative to help keep him calm.

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