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We have had some Severe Weather over the past few weeks, I actually had a tornado pass by just 2 blocks from my house a couple of weeks back causing all kinds of damage right by my house,  we didn’t have power for over 8 hours.  My wife was well prepared with candles, flash lights and water on hand so we were fine.

The storms keep coming through-out the country.  Today we see that almost 200 people are dead in the tornado from yesterday, and there are more storms expected later in the week.

Hopefully you have a plan for Hurricanes, as by the look of how things are going this year it may really be an active Hurricane season.  But what plans do you have in place right now for severe weather?

  • It doesn’t take to much rain to flood here in Florida, have you figured out the highest and best routes to and from home?
  • Do you have a plan for your family if they are home alone when a severe storm comes through?
  • What does your family do if there is no power at home?
  • Where would they go if there was a fire?
  • Where would you meet if there was no phone service, via cell service?
  • Do you have water, flashlights, batteries, food, cash on hand if there was an emergency?

I want to hear your plans, no not the specifics, but what have you done to be prepared for severe weather! Leave me some comments about what you have done to be prepared please, and we’ll pass some of the best ideas on to others.


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