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Came across this video, shot a couple of years ago, showing what it would look like if a Category 5 Hurricane hits Tampa Bay. Are you ready?

So what do you have planned?  Are you ready if a big one does comes to the Tampa Bay area?  Think that it can’t happen, well it has before.  1921, we had a major Hurricane Pass through this area. The local EOC are planning for when not if a big storm comes through the area.

Hurricane hits Tampa Bay - Most Insurance Please give me feedback about how you are getting ready.  I know that yesterday I got our generator fired back up, making sure that it works, and will be ready if we don’t have power.  My wife and I keep water on hand, batteries, candles, a gas powered stove to cook on.  I also just brought my 4 wheel drive jeep back to town, which allows me to drive pretty much anywhere.  A big storm coming, my wife and I are heading out of town, first we will go to Temple Terrace where my brother lives,  because we live very far south in South Tampa.

Please post up a comment about how you are prepared.

The Tampa Bay Catastrophic Plan website

The Most Insurance Agency has created a Disaster Preparedness Center to help clients handle any kind of disaster.  You can sign up to get updates emailed to you as things progress.

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