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If you are like me, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal, while not sacrificing quality.  I have had several conversations with friends lately, about how Auto Insurance companies look at individuals, and how the they price insurance.  I was talking to a good friend at church on Tuesday night and explained to him what Insurance companies are really looking at 4 things.

1. Driving Records of all the drivers in the house
This is a no brainer, but insurance companies like people with good driving records.

2. Where you live
I’m not sure if you new this but Florida, and especially Tampa has a lot of issues with staged accident rings.  Where there is a lot of fraudulent activity going on.  Not only is there a lot of fraud, there are just a lot of people.  The more urban an area you live in, the more likely it is you will be involved in an accident or have a claim.  Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, have a lot of traffic, they all also have Home a lot of accidents.

3. Credit
I hear it all the time, I have a perfect driving record, but my credit isn’t the best, why should I be penalized?  Well insurance companies are great at gathering data, and the data shows that people with better credit, have fewer claims.  Credit matters unfortunately if you like it or not.

4. Prior Bodily Injury Limits
Just like I mentioned before about insurance companies and gathering data, well data shows that people who have had prior bodily injury limits of a minimum of 50/100, have fewer claims. So insurance companies give more discounts to drivers with higher limits. the higher your limits the greater the discount.  I also believe that it is very important to to carry high limits of both bodily injury, and uninsured motorist coverage.

So how do you save on your auto insurance? Well the quickest thing you can To do to help improve the way an insurance company looks at you is to raise your bodily injury limits.

If you would like Most Insurance would be happy to provide you with a Tampa Auto Insurance Quote.  With in a couple of minutes we can tell you what 10 major insurance carriers are thinking about you.  We will also be happy to run quotes for you with what your current bodily limits are, and if they were higher.  It is very easy for us to give you several scenarios.


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